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Netball Betting - Netball Bet

Netball betting - It's bigger than you think

Netball betting is relatively new to the Australian sports betting environment. While netball has been a highly popular sport in Australia for some time, betting on netball has taken off since the introduction of the ANZ Championship in 2008. Since then, netball betting has become increasingly popular. offers some of the best Netball odds to its members.

Netball - A sport of its own

If you're watching netball for the first time, you will undoubtedly be struck by its similarity with basketball. And while it is true that the origins of netball lie in women's basketball, netball has been a distinct sport over two hundred years.

And because the sports are similar, you'll also find that netball betting options are similar to those in basketball. This makes betting on a netball match a great way to explore a new line of sports betting, while keeping some familiarity with a game you may already know.

Netball betting - Major events

If you want to place a bet on a netball match, the two major events to look out for are the Netball World Championships and the ANZ Championship.

Netball World Championships Betting
Since 1963 the Netball World Championships have seen the best teams from across the globe compete against each other. The championships are played every four years.

When it comes to betting on the Netball World Championships, you can expect short odds for both the Australian and New Zealand teams. Of the 12 championships played, Australia has taken nine titles, sharing it once with New Zealand. The remaining three titles were won by New Zealand.

ANZ Championship Betting
Netball betting received a great boost in popularity with the inception of the ANZ Championship in 2008. Fuelling the existing netball rivalry between Australia and New Zealand, each year the competition invites five Australian teams and five New Zealand teams to fight for the title.

The ANZ Championship has greatly raised the profile of netball across both countries. It has established itself as the premier Australasian netball event, replacing both the Commonwealth Bank Trophy in Australia New Zealand's National Bank Cup. The ANZ Championship is played annually.

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