Online Betting - What is it?

Online betting is exactly what you'd expect - betting through the internet.

Online Betting - Advantages

You can bet from your own home

Online betting is attractive first and foremost because it is convenient to the punter. From the comfort of your own home, you can check odds, place bets and receive your winnings. And while going to your local TAB gives you access to live coverage, helpful staff and that classic atmosphere, you can't beat online betting for sheer convenience.

You can bet whenever you like

Online betting never closes. This means live betting odds are open to you twenty four hours, seven days a week. By betting online, you no longer have to worry about rushing to your local TAB before it closes. Betting online lets you place a bet anywhere, anytime.

You can bet live on international events

Because online betting is always available, this means you can bet live on certain international events. So while a game is in progress overseas, you can place live bets even if it's 3am in Australia.

It's Easier


Betting online through lets you bet on a huge variety of racing and sports with just a few easy clicks. With TAB Sportsbet, you can bet through your computer, smart phone or iPad through our great range of Apps

How can I start online betting

You're already on the right page! Simply use the links above and click through to check out the available odds. When you're ready to bet, we'll help you set up a free account. You can also look at placing bets on which is backed by TABCORP.