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Live Betting - What is it?

Live betting allows you to wager on an event that is in progress. This is in contrast to pre-match betting, where all betting ceases once the game has begun.

Live betting is a recent form of betting that's gaining popularity fast. And it's no wonder, given that it adds a whole new level to how you can bet on a game. In addition to pre-match betting, you can now be watching the game and be making new bets as it is being played. Racing betting is one betting type that does not usually support live betting, however you can bet seconds before the starting gun.

What are the advantages of live betting?

An exciting edge
There's no doubt about it - live betting is exciting. With regular betting, the play-by-play is just part of the bigger picture. With live betting, you can back yourself on judging the eebs and flows of a game. Even if you're not having a punt, it can be fascinating to see how the odds change with every play.

Attention that pays
If you're the kind of spectator who pays attention to the little things that happen in a match, sports betting might be for you. A knock-on, fault, even a drop of the head - all of that can influence the outcome of the game. So who knows, your attention and knowledge could pay off by betting live.

More chances to bet
Live Betting gives you a new wide range of events to bet on. The actual bets are dependent on the sport you are wagering on. For example, when betting on tennis, you can bet on whether the set will finish 6-0, 6-1, 6-2 and so on.

If you've done your homework, live betting gives you plenty more opportunities to use that knowledge. Without increasing your total outlay, you can spread your bets over pre-match and live betting.

The overall win betting options also allow you to hedge your pre-match bets. No matter how confident you were before the match, a change in weather or an injury can turn the odds against you. Don't let your knowledge go to waste - use it to make a live bet and recoup pre-match bets that are looking to lose.

How live is live?

With live betting, the odds change quickly, usually per play. Keep in mind that bet delays are standard. This means that if a team scores a try, there will be a short delay (usually around 10 seconds) where bets are suspended before the new odds are put up.

Live betting - is it for me?

For any type of online betting, wager responsibly. If you're having a flutter, live betting is a fun way to add excitement to watching any sport.

However, if you want to get serious with live betting, be prepared to do your homework. Factors that are not usually important in pre-match betting suddenly play a real role when live betting. These can include how the weather changes the state of play, signs of player fatigue, or the track record of a team's ability to make comebacks.

How can I start live betting?

If you'd like to give live betting a go, head to TAB Live Betting Match Centre. Live betting is available at your local TAB, or by calling 133 390. Make sure you have your TAB no (Prop ID) ready.

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